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1Important TOPIC ONLY: Bugs, Glitches, or miscodes. on Mon Jul 11, 2016 10:30 am



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I understand that everyday there is a new code or something new invented that we must tag along with a make sure that everything here in the forum is working just fine. Inside this topic, if you all see anything that is not working correctly, please make sure to post it here.

To make things more organized, please make sure to follow this prompt:


[b]Error:[/b] What is the error or glitch it's giving you. Please explain briefly.
[b]IMG:[/b] Please submit a screenshot or video if possible, in order to see if it's a global issue or just a personal one.
[b]codes:[/b] If you know exactly what's wrong, submit the codes to make it easier. If you know how to write scripts, feel free to correct it. We'll give you recognition.

Thank you,
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