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1Important Our Great Return on Tue Mar 15, 2016 9:12 pm



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I'd like to thank those have lend a hand to bring this place back up. Distruktion, you've done the most so far, thank you. However, let's celebrate now that we're back!

Welcome Guest & Members,        

          We are here in our great return! We hope to satisfy everyone's' desires in being part of this great forum. As for our great return, we've have started in a fresh road. Meaning, when registering you will automatically earn 500 points. What are points? You earn when posting/creating--posts/threads. We are to announce that all services are free until March 22. So come on down and enjoy while this lasts.

Here are important links that may come to assist and notify you with what we expect:



We are in search for the following staff:

- 1. Moderator:
- 3 Reviewers:
- 3 Packagers:
- 3 Graphic Designers:

Come and visit us:
Advertising Poster

Click Here
for more info

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