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1Important !! We're Hiring :: Packagers Team !! on Tue Mar 15, 2016 9:10 pm



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Guidelines :: Hiring Packagers Team!


We're starting fresh, new Staff Team members. Yes, it means we're hiring! This can be your chance to join the Package Team. Wonder what a Packager is? The Package Team gives users forum or blog a boost, by adding a few extra posts or comments.

Please PM an Administrator with your application in the correct format shown below or else it'll be denied.
[list=1][*][b]Why are you applying for this position?[/b]

Your Answer Here

[*][b]How often do you visit ForuMansion?[/b]

Your Answer Here

[*][b]What do you have to offer FPromotion?[/b]

Your Answer Here - This answer must be [i]at least[/i] 30 words long.

[*][b]Have you ever done this service before?  If “yes” provide us with [i]link(s)[/i] to your previous work.[/b]

Your Answer Here

[*][b]How many requests will you be able to complete in a week?[/b]

Your Answer Here - Please be specific

[*][b]Why do you deserve to be staff?[/b]

Your Answer Here - This answer must be [i]at least[/i] 30 words long.

[*][b]Do you understand that if you fail to do your duties that you may be removed from staff without notice?[/b]

Your Answer Here

[*][b]Are you willing to be on as a Trial Team Member for an extended period of time?[/b]

Your Answer Here[/list]

[b]Additional Comments[/b]

Anything else you would like the staff to know may be placed here.

Note: Please make sure to submit this via PM to an Administrator.
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