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1Important Guidelines :: Requesting Graphics on Tue Mar 15, 2016 3:18 pm



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Guidelines :: Requesting Graphics

Graphic Requesting

Your requesting Graphic design has to be in a format;


Name of Creation: Avatar, signature etc.
USERNAME: Username you wish this to be posted to.
Colours: Basic colours you wish the creation to be based around.
Font: Choose a font at and post the font link.
Font color: If you can, say what font colour you'd like.
Text to insert: Would you like text on it? If so, what text would you like the creation to have?
Render: Choose a render, preferbly from or be specific about what you want. E.g. Final Fantasy - Cloud.
Other: Would you like anything else to be in the creation? E.g. Lightning.

Note: If your request is not in this Format it will be ignored and will be asked to change it in 24hours. If this isn't done, your request will be Locked and will consider as a finish request.

1. Please be respectful of what The Staff member or normal Member create for you.
2. You can't bump your thread during 24 hour separation.
3. Please note that is not the Graphic Designers (staff) responsibility to create one for you.
4. Please do not PM any staff member about the request. They will ignore it.

Note:Any Graphic designer can change the rules without a prior notice.

Please follow this rules Wink

Note:Main Graphic Rules

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