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1Important Announcement: 04/28/14 on Mon Apr 28, 2014 8:47 pm


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Hello New members of FMPromotion,

I am glad to announce our grand opening of this community has officially arrived! Finally! Maybe all of you are excited or so, but let's take a look at our schedule for this upcoming months! We've prepared for you all the following:

1. Our contest will start anywhere this week or next month or so. Still depends on the activity.
2. All of the services will be free till April 30th, don't loose this chance..
3. Those who reach top poster of the week will receive 200 points at the end of each week. (This should be easy. Wink)
4. We will start our Forum of the Month on May 1st for May's FOTM. (Friendly reminder)
5. Starting new week, we'll start our best signature(s)
6. We're close to the 30th of this month, and so far we do not have our 15 members who register first by the 30th. Do let this opportunity pass to win 500 points!

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We are here to promote and help your Forumotion forum get active, use our services to get the opportunity to get your forum known. We have contests where you can win different sort of things.