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1Important Guidelines: Advertising Poster on Fri Apr 11, 2014 1:34 pm


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The Guidelines: Advertising Poster


Interested in advertising your forum using a redirecting link shown on every single thread all the way at the bottom?

There isn't much to follow or any such enormous requirements. The following information is basically simple and understandable:


  • You need at least 50 points.

  • At least 15 posts.


  • The biggest redirecting link cost: 80 points[/b]

  • The rest cost: 30 points.

Service is currently free, No Requirements!

Duration: 5 days

Use this proper format in order to request this service, those who ignore this shall be asked to edit their post and retry again, after twenty-four hours have past and the user has failed to edit and use the correct format, his or her request shall be trashed.

[color=#F88124][b]Link Of the Forum:[/b][/color]
[color=#296fa5][b]Name of the Forum:[/b][/color]

Link Of the Forum:
Name of the Forum:

Note: Our services starts from the bottom to the top, so please be patient. Wink
Advertising Poster

Click Here
for more info

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We are here to promote and help your Forumotion forum get active, use our services to get the opportunity to get your forum known. We have contests where you can win different sort of things.