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1Important Rules: General Rules. on Fri Mar 28, 2014 11:13 pm



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The Board's Rules.
These are simple rules that we expect all of the members to follow. I don't think there should be any issues or so. Oh, just remember that we want you guys to come and visit the rules often since there's times where they can be updated without any prior notice.


  • Bumping - You can't bump your thread. You can only bump it after a 24 hour separation. You'll receive a reminder if you do. Please note that there is different hours in separations in different parts of the board. A small tip, use the edit button to add more information, this will help you by not getting reminders.

  • Flaming or Flame Baiting - Do not post insulting or otherwise hurtful messages to other users of the forums. We take a very strong stance against this. This includes using visitor messaging, private messaging, (etc.) to do so. In short, treat others how you want to be treated.

  • Trolling - This is something we are very, very strict on. Do not troll other users, or on the forum in general. We are not 4chan, we do not allow users to do whatever they want, whenever they want. If you are caught trolling there will be serious punishment.

  • Common Sense - We kindly ask that you use your common sense when making a thread or simply posting in a topic. There is no need to start flame wars or make spam threads/posts to get attention. You need to make sure that you stay on topic when posting and use your common sense.


  • Affiliate links - You may request affiliation for your site in the correct forum only! You are not allowed to request affiliation for your site anywhere else other than there.

  • Basic Advertising - You may advertise and promote your site in the Advertising forum only! You are not allowed to promote your site anywhere else other than there.

  • PM Advertising - Anybody caught promoting their site via PM will have their PM privileges removed and will not be given the chance to earn it back at any time.

Avatar & Profile:

  • Avatar - Your avatar is not an advertising banner, so avatars with your forum URL or links to any other sites must be avoided. Also, any innapropiate images display as an avatar will be asked to be removed. If its not done so, you will forbid from displaying an Avatar.

  • Profile Fields - Your "Language", "Location" and "Hobbies" fields are not an advertising space, so links (to your forum or other sites) must be avoided.


  • Banned/Banning - Ban Evasion - If you have been banned from the forum, your account has been permanently banned, you have the right to an appeal, that is the ONLY reason you are allowed to ban evade, not to post in any other threads. Once your appeal has been posted you are to wait until judgment has been passed on your appeal, after this has been done, if your appeal is denied, you then have to stay with that account, if its approved then that account will be deleted and you will receive your other account back and will be left with one warning. Wink

  • Signature - You are allowed to use your signature to advertise, but the minimum banners or images are 1 and 3 Advertising links.

  • Plagiarism - (Can also be known as copyright) If you're going to show something or tell us something; that you supposedly are saying that is 'yours' you have to show proof that you did it. You can't claim someone elses Music, Designs, ideas, etc. If someone says or informs us that you stole someones idea or work, the thread/post will be automatically locked and you will be banned permanently!

  • Backseat moderation - Staff Moderating - Bold face and colored font is reserved for moderation. Please do not use them. Acting Against Staff Decisions. - If your thread is closed or deleted, please do not post it again, there was a reason it was closed or deleted. If you were infarcted, you have the right to an appeal, but once that judgment on the appeal has been passed, you are not allowed to post anymore appeals for that offense. If you act against a moderators decision or direction you will be punished however the moderator sees fit.

  • How the warning system works:
     - You get 3 reminders of the same subject given before. So, until you have 3 of the same thing it'll be change into a warning given: Changed into >
     - You have 2 reminders, after those two reminders of the same thing, you'll get a warning  > changed into >
     - You have 1 reminder > then it'll be changed into >
     - You get no chances >

Exclamation All bans are permanently

You are expected to read and understand these rules and regulations. There is no "accidental" rule breaking. If you break the rules, whether you read them or not, that is your fault. Not ours. Have fun and enjoy posting
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